Mandate, Vision & Mission

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Surveying and Mapping is the bed rock of any physical development of a nation and when properly harnessed could become a veritable tools for higher revenue generation, national security and development. In Nigeria, the office of Surveyor General of the Federation is the nation’s apex authority in Surveying and Mapping and their related matters. The Office is currently an extra-ministerial department under the supervision of the Federal ministry of Power, Works and Housing. The Office achieved its status via the Federal Executive Council Conclusion No. EC 17 (05) of 27th April 2005 following its upgrade. The Surveyor-General of the Federation is the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer.
The Office is responsible for undertaking vital surveys, providing maps and other geographic data that are required for the development of long-term strategies in National Defense and Security. It also generates prudent plans for the exploration, exploitation management of minerals and other natural resources; sustainable environmental protection and conservation plans and defining international and interstate boundaries of the country. Surveying and mapping products are also required to facilitate the design and location of roads, railways, power transmission lines, telecommunication lines and other infrastructures; and for the cadastral systems to support urban development and the provision of housing for the masses.

Our Mandate

To provide Geospatial information needs of the country as well as the coordination and supervision of surveying and mapping activities in the country.

Our Vision

To meet the Geospatial information needs of the country in
all ramifications.

Our Mission

To provide timely, reliable and accurate geospatial information  to all users.